Let me be honest. Very high on my “dearest things to me” list are my 9 grandchildren. One of the reasons we opened this school is to provide a solid academic foundation, sound character training and a vision for the future, all in a safe environment.  Three of my grandchildren have been part of the student body, and the rest are coming. FTCA is a place where learning, not just teaching happens. I love the fact that our students must show they have learned the material by passing each test with at least an 80%! I love the fact that our students are trained in areas of manners, discipline, memorization, self-control and respect for

authority. I love that fact we have seen the fruits of our labor in the lives of our graduates.  

FTCA is not a drop-off so parents can work. Good fruit requires a joint effort between parents and staff. We are ready to work with you and your child, to produce solid citizens and hard working, honorable members of the community. If we teach them to live, they will know how to make a living!

Thanks for stopping by,

Pastor Sam

Welcome to Fountain of Truth Christian Academy, where it is my privilege to serve.  My goal is to partner with parents to ensure our children will achieve their highest academic potential and talents.  I look forward to a year of adventure that will raise the bar in your child’s education, while providing them with opportunities to build this next generation.
We strive to empower our students to have character, work ethic and ability to excellence in all that they do.  
If your child is entering at a T-K to 1st Grade Level, our program offers a phonics based program that will help the student learn to identify letters of the alphabet, alphabet sounds, simple math skills, blending sounds, reading, and mastering motor skills.  1st – 8th Grade contains a variety of subjects including Math, English, Social Studies, Literature/Creative Writing, Bible Reading, Word Building and Science.  At a High School Level, we offer 4 High School courses of study: Honors, College Preparatory, General and Vocational.  A customized Academic Projection Plan will be created to your child based on their level, work ethic, and motivation.  All curriculum is presented with a biblical worldview.
We invite you to tour our campus.  If I can answer any questions, please contact me at (909) 822-5450, or email
Looking forward to meeting you,
Olga N. Raya